MonViro participate at any time in several research programs with partners all over the world. This makes us continue to stay in the forefront of technology development within the areas of interest to MonViro. We also bring operational experience and the ability to industrialize the research results, to the research programs.

The synergy between academia and the industry is essential to ensure user driven R&D.

Through these programs, MonViro will bring new innovative solutions to its partners and clients over the coming years.


Digital Monitoring of CO2 storage projects


MonViro AS is a proud partner in the ACT CCS project, DigiMon (2019-2022) in cooperation with several research institutes, universities, and industry partners across Europa and in the USA. The objective is to accelerate the implementation of CCS by developing and demonstrating an affordable, flexible, societally embedded, and smart Digital Monitoring early-warning system, for monitoring any CO2 storage reservoir and subsurface barrier system.

MonViro contributes with expertise on our core geophysical monitoring techniques: 4D gravity, seafloor deformation and passive seismic monitoring and is leading one of the work packages in the project.

More information can be found on the DigiMon website:

    SFI Smart ocean

    SFI Smart Ocean – Technology for monitoring and management of a healthy and productive ocean


    Advancing towards fully autonomous solutions is a key ambition for MonViro. In the transition from the oil and gas industry, reducing the environmental footprint and the operational costs of our services will be key, and the best way to achieve this is through automatization of our services. As part of the strategy for achieving this, we are participating in a novel centre for research-based innovation hosted by the University of Bergen named SmartOcean (2020-2028).

    Through this cooperation we take part of new developments for digitalization of the ocean based industries through solutions for wireless subsea communication, sustainable power consumption, tools for error identification and error handling, open standard protocols and smart sensing technology.


      Accurate seafloor Subduction zone Monitoring


      This project is a cooperation between the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), the University of Bergen and MonViro with financial support by Innovation Norway. In this project (2018-2022), we will adapt our technologies for high accuracy vertical seafloor deformation (VSD) and time-lapse gravity measurements at the seabed, to surveillance over tectonically active areas, as the subduction zone along the coast of Japan. The largest earthquakes on Earth occur in subduction zones, the most recent examples being 2011 Japan (Mw9.0); 2012 Chile (Mw8.8); and 2004 Sumatra (Mw9.1). All these earthquakes resulted in a large number of causalities both due to ground shaking and tsunamis.

      Plate deformations occur both before, during and after such events determining what types, where and how often earthquakes and tsunamis will be generated. However, offshore these plate movements are only sparsely monitored, leaving several unknowns in the model predictions. Through this project we aim at introducing seafloor 4D gravity and VSD monitoring as novel sources of information that may contribute to a better understanding of these tectonic plate movements for enhancing earthquake and tsunami risk mitigation.


        Act on Offshore Monitoring


        Through this project, a web-based toolkit that will, for the first time, collect algorithms for designing optimal monitoring programs for offshore geological storage sites will be built. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the tool will assist operators in their pre-operational phase in defining assurance monitoring programs that are aligned with regulations. The inevitable uncertainties in all measurements will be assessed, and methods on how to quantify and represent them will be recommended.

        In this project, MonViro contributes with operational experience as service provider of geophysical monitoring solutions suitable for CCS including 4D gravity, passive seismic, and seafloor deformation monitoring. Read more here:

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